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  1. NACSCUZ plays a representative role as the support pillar to SACCOs in Zimbabwe by addressing their needs, concerns and challenges in regards to legal matters and business requirements.
  2. NACSCUZ is the mouthpiece and lobby organ for the savings and credit societies in Zimbabwe, through which we stand by SACCOs, whenever they are confronted with difficult situations – legal, business, labour relations or otherwise.
  3. NACSCUZ speaks and acts on behalf of SACCOs to protect, defend and uphold their rights as business entities and stakeholders in the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe; in order to guarantee a conducive and fair business environment.
  4. NACSCUZ proactively seeks to establish synergistic collaboration and inter-cooperating alliances with multi-stakeholders for the benefit of its members and Zimbabwean economy as a whole

Key areas of concern under our mandate are:

  1. To bring all SACCOs in Zimbabwe to inter-cooperate under NACSCUZ
  2. To advocate for the expedition of the enactment of the SACCOS BILL
  3. To raise the NACSCUZ profile by affiliating with the World Council Of Credit Unions [WOCCU]