1. Participate in the overall economic and social development of the nation by mobilizing all sectors of the population; provide them with quality financial services in order to improve their economic social well-being.
  2. Promote the existence of Savings and Credit Cooperatives in all sectors of the population of Zimbabwe and enhance economic interests of its member societies in accordance with cooperative principles.
  3. Perform any economic or social activity in the interests of its members.
  4. To receive and hold for the purposes aforesaid, shares, savings, deposits and loan repayments from its members
  5. Provide information, promote education and proffer advice to its member societies.
  6. To advance diverse interest of all SACCOs in Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean SACCOs in the diaspora
  7. To seek support from, and work cooperatively with organizations, agencies, groups and individuals having aims and objectives consistent with those of the Association
  8. To partner with affiliates and national associations to deliver services to members
  9. To provide a forum to improve communication and cooperation among all sectors of the SACCO movement in order to better address the issues, concerns and problems that is pertinent to the entire SACCO network
  10. To liaise with and advise the Government of Zimbabwe on issues relating to the SACCOs
  11. To initiate and coordinate savings and credit-related programs
  12. To affiliate with and represent Zimbabwe in international bodies governing the various disciplines of SACCO Activities.
  13. To advise external organizations and the Government on SACCO matters, and;
  14. To raise, use, invest and reinvest funds to support the above aims and objectives.