Name: Serving as:
Mr. Owen Mabukwa Chairman
Mr. Ben Matenga Vice Chairman
Mrs. Marjory Mhandu Secretary
Ms. Farai Mtawa Treasurer
Mrs. Fidelis Gweshe Committee Member
Mr. Izekieri Karimanzira Committee Member
Ms. Sesedzai Munyaradzi Committee Member
Mr. Crispen Chirozva Committee Member
Mr. Robert Maruziva Committee Member

Specific responsibilities for NACSCUZ Board of Directors include, but are not limited to the following:-

  • Liaison with the Government of Zimbabwe on issues affecting all provinces.
  • Developing and facilitating Strategic and Business Plans.
  • Promoting and maintaining Vision, Values, Mission and mandate policies.
  • Developing, communicating and enforcing a code of Ethics for members.
  • Budgeting and financial monitoring and reporting.
  • Liaison with provincial/affiliate members.
  • Approval of all policies.
  • Approval of Terms of Reference for services.
  • Advocacy, communications and public relations.
  • Managing disputes, including providing mechanism for mediation of disputes, appeals and independent arbitration amongst members.


Name Serving as:
Mr. Phillip Chigora Committee Member
Mr. Shakespear Nyambi Committee Member
Mr. Samson Chamboko Committee Member

The Supervisory Committee is made up of elected officers who are responsible for internal audit, regulatory compliance and enterprise risk management


Name Serving as:
Mr. Golden Kadziyanike Technical Advisor
Mr. Albert Vingwe Technical Advisor
Mr. Taruona Makumbe Technical Advisor

The Technical Advisory Board is made up of non-members subject matter experts who advise the board on specific technical issues


Name Serving as:
Mr. Tapiwa Mupfurutsa Manager


Secretariat/management is responsible for day to day management of the association. The manager is appointed by the board and he ascertains that secretariat is properly resourced to execute its day to day duties.