The WHY of Membership

A NACSCUZ member is a shareholder of whom is entitled to have a say (voice) and vote in the decision-making process, regardless of the amounts of their SACCO deposits. Under the principle of democratic ownership, every member can also participate in making policy and regulation of the national trade association if he/she is elected onto the board of directors.

NACSCUZ is a non-profit financial cooperative which offers a wide range of financial services to members. According to each field of membership, credit unions are classified into community based, enterprise/employee based, and association/group based SACCOs. Other than financial services, a SACCO promotes community development through education, social activities, and by providing funding to disadvantaged people.

NACSCUZ is an apex trade association, financial intermediary, and business organization consisting of all SACCOs in Zimbabwe, and was established in 1986.

As a trade association, NACSCUZ represents member SACCOs to the government, the regulator, and the international SACCO society. It conducts publicity, supervision, management consulting and education. As a financial intermediary NACSCUZ manages a member SACCOs’ national Central Financial Services Fund In the spirit of cooperation among cooperatives, and believing and understanding that the SACCOs movement can best save the interest of its members through inter-cooperation.

Finally, NACSCUZ offers a variety of Value Added Services on a discount to members listed under the Products and Services. Participating in the value added services also earn member SACCOs an additional income while at the same time providing for the subsidising of individual SACCO membership contributions.